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Van Dijk

Reg. Nutritional Consultant, 
Reg. Orthomolecular Health Practitioner,
Cert. Nutritional Microscopist,
Cert. Applied Nutritional Psych.

Applying Science to Natural Health.

Hi, I'm Garrit, a Natural Health Specialist with 15+ years of experience in private consultation. My industry experience in Natural Health is much more vast then that though. 

In the many years I have been involved with natural health, I have worked for some of the worlds top supplement manufacturing companies. Why is this important? Because I know what's behind the 'curtain'.

What nutrient forms and combinations are good, what are not so good; what works, what doesn't, and most importantly, why.

I take pride in knowing that I give the very best of myself to each and every patient. And I do this by staying on top of the research and understanding the human body and its relationship to the outside world.

Here is a list of services I offer:

  • Chronic Symptom Consultation

  • Nutrient Needs Assessment

  • Diet Analysis / Consultation

  • Live Blood Analysis / Nutritional Microscopy

  • Functional Testing


Clinical Consultation

Face-to-Face / Online

Functional Testing


Areas of Expertise

Endocrinology (Hormones)
Psychology (Nutritional Psychology)
Energy Metabolism 
Stress and Sleep Disorders
Digestive Issues


The science of nutrition is a vastly expanding field with new research about how the body functions being presented almost daily. As such, I take my job very seriously and try to stay abreast of the science as its presented. 

Although my interest in health expands to all areas of the body, I do have a keen interest in how hormones and neurotransmitters interact within the body, and how best to support them. 

The field of female endocrinology (hormones) has been based on a highly misogynistic perspective - when hormones are not functioning well, they must be controlled. I don't believe that this is true. I believe, and have demonstrated in practice, that the endocrine system, and that of the nervous system, function optimally when their unique balance is supported, and due to the interactivity of these systems this level is dynamic and can fluctuate based on other internal, and external factors.

As in all areas of nutritional practice, I look deeper into the complexities of the symptomologies, incorporate functional testing where appropriate, and provide a strategy for my clients to achieve biochemical and physiological balance.

These strategies often include dietary and lifestyle recommendations; specific nutrient or herbal recommendations; and often homeopathic or gemmotherapy remedies. 

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Cambridge, NZ

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