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Hi, I'm Garrit Van Dijk.

I've been bouncing around the Natural Health industry of New Zealand and Canada for over 15 years, but before that I was involved in the Fire Service as a Lieutenant, an educator, and an Arson Investigator. It's the skills I learned as an educator and forensic investigator that has helped me help thousands of clients over the years achieve their health goals through nutrition and natural health practices. 

I have studied under some of the best minds in the field of nutrition, homeopathy, herbology, gemmotherapy, nutritional psychology, and nutritional microscopy (just to name a few), and I bring all this learning and experience to my clients in every session. 

I hope to work with you soon.

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My Story

Garrit has been helping guide his clients to a healthier, happier, life since 2008, but his story in natural health began much earlier than that when he was diagnosed with his own life-altering condition. 

"After the medical community failed me time and time again, I sought the help of a Natural Health Specialist who taught me how the body can heal itself when given the right combinations of nutrients and a change of lifestyle. Within a few short months, I felt better than I had ever felt so I sold my business and set out to learn the healing arts to guide others, like me, towards a better life".

Now practicing as a Nutritionist & Nutritional Microscopist, Garrit teaches his clients how they too can live a happy, vibrant, life, without the burdens of disease or illness.

Garrit has a special interest in, and was on the faculty of one of Canada's leading schools of Nutrition lecturing on Nutritional Psychology (now referred to as Nutritional Psychiatry), and has authored the book 'Treating Depression the Natural Way'. Although Garrit classes himself as a 'generalist' in the field of nutrition his areas of specialty include endocrinology (hormones), Neurodivergency (ADHD, ASD, etc.), fertility, and psychology/psychiatry from a biochemical perspective.

Affiliations & Conferences

Garrit is a member in good standing with the following organizations:

  • The International Organization of Nutritional Consultants

  • The International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine

As part of Garrit's goal to stay on top of current research he regularly attends conferences and seminars. Here is a list of the most recent ones Garrit has attended:

2024 Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars


    • Advanced Applications in Medical Practice (AAMP) 15th Annual Conference - 3-day Conference (Upcoming)

  • HORMONE SUPER CONFERENCE​ 2024 (Seminars attended listed below)

    • A Standing Ovation for Ovulation - ​Dr. Lara Briden​

    • Common Versus Normal: Don't just put up with it (PMS & PMDD; the role of the estrobolome & liver enzymes in hormone health; difference between common & normal) ​- Le'Nise Brothers​

    • All About Hormone Replacement Therapy - Dr. Michelle Sands​

    • Unlocking Secrets: Optimizing Testosterone Levels - Pete Williams

    • Hormone Harmony: Fat, Fitness & the Female Brain - Dr Stephanie Estima

    • Thyroid Tidbits: Unraveling Hypothyroidism - Inna Topiler

    • Stress and Hormonal Dysregulation - Julia Alderman

    • How Your Lymphatic System Impacts Your Hormones - Dr Christine Schaffner

    • Nervous System Regulation for Hormone Happiness - Eliza Kingsford

    • Neurodivergence and Stress - Lee Harbour

    • Hormones, OCD, and Mental Health - Dr Eda Gorbis

    • Hormones and Mental Health - Dr David Perlmutter

    • Hormones, Skin Health and Anxiety - Dr Trevor Cates

    • How Sex Hormones Impact Sleep - Dr Margaret Christensen

    • Functional Medicine Hormonal Support - Dr Anu Arasu

    • Hormone Troublemakers: Infections and Toxins - Dr Jaban Moore

    • Healing Hormones, Energy and Chronic Illness - Dr Jacob Teitelbaum

    • The Impact of Excess Adrenaline on Hormone Balance - Dr Aimie Apigian

  • HORMONE HEALTH MATTERS​​ - Dr Nicky Keay & Dr Lara Briden​

2023 Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars

  • RESET SUPER CONFERENCE 2023 (Seminars attended listed below)

    • Healing Trauma with Compassionate Inquiry - Dr Gabor Mate

    • Holistic Healing in a Divided World - Dr Claudelle R Glasgow

    • Building Inner Safety for Deep Healing - Dr Peter Levine

    • 5 Steps to RESET Your Nervous System - Alex Howard

    • Understanding Our Nervous System - Naomi Dake

    • Becoming Free from Dissociation - Dr Arielle Schwartz

    • The Biology of Trauma and Neurodevelopment - Dr Aimie Apigian

    • How Trauma Impacts Brain Health - Dr Austin Perlmutter

    • The Relationship Between Anxiety and Pain - Dr David Hanscom

    • Understanding and Healing Relational Trauma - Dr Meg-John Barker

    • Naming and Taming Worry and Anxiety - Rebekah Ballagh

    • Anxiety as a Stage of Grief - Claire Bidwell Smith

    • The Seven Types of Rest - Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith

    • Anxiety and Sleep Anatomy - Dr Ellen Vora

    • How Trauma Causes Inflammation - Dr David Perlmutter

    • Trauma and the Gut Brain Axis - Rebecca Edwards

    • Balancing Hormones for Trauma Healing - Dr Anu Arasu

    • The 5 Pillars of Inflammation - Dr Tom O'Bryan

    • Nutritional Support for Intrusive Thoughts - Trudy Scott

    • Homeopathy, Gut Health, and Liver Detox - Dr Ameet Aggarwal

  • PCOS SOS SUMMIT (Seminars attended listed below)

    • Master Advanced Lab Tests To Understand Your PCOS - Jaclyn Smeaton, ND

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