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Live Blood Analysis

Where science and natural health join hands.

Determining your individual nutritional needs.

There are several ways for a practitioner to determine your personalised nutrient needs. The most common way is through a conversation about your past, and present, health. 

Another common way is through functional testing, but this can be very expensive.

Garrit uses a technique called Live Blood Analysis and combines that with a health history and a symptomatology assessment. This gives a really good understanding of where you are nutritionally, and how you got here.

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What is Live Blood Analysis?

Live Blood Analysis is a methodology used by trained Nutritional Microscopists to identify certain nutrient deficiencies associated with digestive imbalances, metabolic disorders, hormonal dysregulation, immune system function, etc.

Live Blood Analysis is not a diagnostic tool, but a way for a qualified practitioner to visually see the effects of nutrient deficiency states on the body, through the blood. 

The Process

Live Blood Analysis is done through a simple finger-prick blood sample., where a single drop of blood is analysed under a high-powered darkfield microscope.

Your sample will be broadcast to a video display so that you can see what Garrit sees under the lenses of his microscope.

Garrit will then explain his observations, what they mean, and what nutrients are required to bring the body back into balance.


The Outcome

At the conclusion of your appointment Garrit will give you your report. This report includes the observations of the session, as well as a list of nutrient, dietary, and lifestyle recommendations to assist you in bringing your body back into balance.

Although it is recommended to have a follow-up appointment after 3 months, there may be occasions (based on certain observations) where a follow-up appointment should be brought forward. Garrit will discuss options with you around this.

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Live Blood Analysis 


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Live Blood Analysis


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